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Teacher Training

going to teach, workshop 019The government of South Sudan has mandated that all schools move from an Arabic pattern of education, imposed by the Khartoum government in the 1950’s, to English as the medium of education. The initial phase of Solidarity has been the delivery of in-service and English language courses to existing teachers most of whom have only a few years of primary education. To date Solidarity has offered part-time, four year in-service programs to more than 2000 teachers. These programs are offered in Yambio, Rumbek, Agok and at several other locations.

Solidarity has also constructed two teacher training colleges, one in Yambio and the other in Malakal, and initiated a two year, residential, pre-service program for candidates having completed secondary school in English. Four groups of students have graduated from this program with a further 91 students currently enrolled at Yambio, 25 of whom are women. The teacher training college at Malakal is currently not in operation as it has been totally looted and severely damaged in the civil unrest. Students from Malakal have been offered places in the program in Yambio.

The Ministries of Education in Upper Nile State, Lake State, Western Equatoria and the Abyei regions have Memoranda of Understanding with the Bishops under which Solidarity provides and supports the participation of teachers in the programs. Graduates receive Primary Teacher Certificates awarded by the State Ministry of Education.

Last Update (March 2020)