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Health Training (Wau)

Solidarity has renovated the Catholic Health Training Institute (CHTI) in Wau, Western Bahr El Ghazal State which was built by the Sudan Catholic Bishops Conference and Misereor in the 1980s before the outbreak of the second Sudanese War. The CHTI accepts South Sudanese who are qualified, secondary graduates, with no restrictions on the basis of tribe or religion, to train as registered nurses or midwives in the three and one half year residential programs, registered by the Ministry of Health in South Sudan. Solidarity currently has the responsibility for financing, managing and running the CHTI on behalf of the Sudan Catholic Bishops’ Conference and has set up a local CHTI board to discharge this responsibility.

The CHTI is training health professionals who are inspired by a Christian vision of the dignity of the human person and the values of respect, compassion and justice. As well as receiving formal instruction from qualified staff, the students undergo long periods of clinical placement in hospitals and other health delivery clinical settings. Currently there are nearly 100 students in residence and there have been three groups of nursing graduates who have returned to their local communities as nursing professionals.

Current Status

The CHTI is a Republic of South Sudan (RSS) recognized institute for the training of diploma level nurses and midwives according to the curricula developed by the Ministry of Health and Higher Education in the Republic of South Sudan. CHTI is owned by the Sudan Catholic Bishops’ Conference and opened in 2010. The Registered Nurses program was the first RN certified program in the history of the new country. The program requires 3.5 years of academic training and clinical rotations. The first group of midwifery students began the state certified program in January 2012.

CHTI update (March 2020)












These students come from the different tribes of South Sudan and from Abyei and the Nuba Mountains. CHTI actively seeks to enroll a greater number of women and is working with local communities and schools to offer pre-service training for women in order to encourage them to study registered nursing and midwifery at CHTI. This is in line with a goal of Solidarity to improve the educational opportunity for women and girls

Faculty and Administration:

CHTI-WAU-03An abandoned property in Wau, Western Bahr al Ghazal was offered to Solidarity with South Sudan by the Sudan Catholic Bishops’ Conference for the establishment of the CHTI and in 2010 the renovations were completed and classes were begun. Sr Leema Rose Savari is the current Director of the CHTI and is assisted by a well-qualified staff and capable administration.

The main instructional building, including classrooms and administration offices, has been totally renovated, dormitories cleaned and repaired and a central area for food service and other services is fully operational. Staff quarters have been refurbished and a house for Solidarity staff has been completed. Fully qualified nurse/midwife tutors and one doctor are in residence and work with students in class and in clinical settings.

CHTI-WAU-04Although not officially part of the project, Solidarity has supported the renovation of the Daniel Comboni Hospital in Wau. A memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the hospital and the CHTI enables students to receive appropriate clinical rotations and high quality instruction. A similar protocol is in place with the Wau Teaching Hospital.

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