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Training Trauma Healing Trainers

by Cathy Arata

Trauma healing is not something new for Solidarity with South Sudan. Since January 2010, we have conducted more than thirty workshops using the Capacitar method (funded by Mensen met een missie). More than one thousand children, women and men have participated in these workshops.

This year we took a big step forward and participated with RSASS in a three phase program of “training the trainers”. Because of the need to have people trained in trauma healing, we gave priority to Malakal Diocese and the Archdiocese of Juba.oct-news-05-01

Phase 1

First, a selected group of pastorally sensitive people and grassroots leadership, which includes some Religious and Clergy, attended a five-day trauma healing training that enabled them to teach simple wellness practices to foster healing, wholeness and peace in the individual and in the communities. Basically, it is a Training of Trainers (ToT).

Phase 2

Secondly, having done the training, healing exercises and capacity building, the participants were divided into smaller groups and sent out in teams to facilitate trauma healing sessions (phase II). They were monitored and followed up for better achievements.

Phase 3

Finally, these facilitators will meet again for the third and last training session (phase III) to share experiences and, after some more training, be sent out to facilitate more sessions

We are grateful for the funding of Phases 1 and 2 by Catholic Relief Services.

Facilitation of Phases 1 and 3, Sr. Genevieve van Waesberg of the Capacitar Movement.