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Teacher Training Students and The book of forgiving by Desmond Tutu

Sr Carmita Cabrera, MCC, who teaches CRE at the Teacher Training College in Yambio, Western Equatoria, used ‘the book of forgiveness’ by Bishop Desmond Tutu in her class and the students shared the message each week with the college community at the Friday assembly.
The books came to South Sudan thanks to the generosity of some South Sudanese women in the USA who wanted the message of the need for forgiveness to get around to their fellow citizens.
Sr Carmita then invited the students to write letters of thanks to the women and to share how the book impacted on them.

Below are the letters that the students have written to all the South Sudanese Women in United State of America, The book of forgiving_


Dear Madams

I am Miyen Manyjok Kuol Arop, a student from Solidarity Teacher Training College. I come from Abyei. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful job that you have done for entire country. The books of forgiveness have a great change and contribution towards peace building here in South Sudan.

There are positive changes that we have seen since we were engaged on the journey of forgiveness. We all need to unite together and bring an everlasting peace in South Sudan.

south_sudan_2015_jeffrey_yambio_Solidarity_024I have experienced healing when I read the books and all the steps of forgiveness. Thanks a lot for the great support that you have done and we appreciate your concern for peace building here in South Sudan.

My last wish to you is that you may join us in praying for peace in South Sudan. Our dear country is still young and the people are not united and there is no forgiveness at all. Prayers will really help us and we move along with journey of forgiveness.

God bless you for all the wonderful work you have done!

Miyen Manyjok Kuol