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Never have we known a year like this! I suspect we are only just beginning to appreciate the effects of this ‘new normal’ on our lives. In some
cases, it has spurred on initiatives more quickly than might otherwise have been apparent. And so, we give thanks!
We have all been thrust into a new environment. The Corona-virus has made new terms like social distancing and self-isolation common, and
enveloped communities around the world in fear. But even as the Solidarity Pastoral Team (SPT) in the Good Shepherd Peace Centre (GSPC)- Kit, faces unprecedented challenges and uncharted paths in managing the GSPC, we know, the Solidarity main office- Juba and all our donors and Friends in Solidarity with South Sudan -USA, have continued to support the GSPC and together, we are making a difference in the lives of many people in South Sudan. When you read our stories presented in this report, you will hopefully find something that transcends time and space: a universal impulse to help others in times of need, that we, the SPT have experienced through collaboration with others as we minister in, and from the Centre.

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