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Prayer for Peace in South Sudan

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From the beginning of the civil clashes in December 2013, in South Sudan there is a season of endless violence. In these months of attacks, people have been displaced, brutalised, raped. Thousands of South Sudaneses decided to migrate in the nearest countries. For the ones who remain in their country the situation is unbearable without humanitarian helps. Currently, the situation is so critic. By July 2017, the humanitarian community estimates that is South Sudan 5.5 million will be severely food insecure, with 1 million children across the country acutely malnourished.

For this reason, Solidarity with South Sudan, in cooperation with JPIC Rome – Spanish Promoters, arranged a prayer as a moment to meet all together (religious and lay people) and to share the hope for Peace in South Sudan and for a better future for this people and to inform attending ones about the real condition of South Sudanese.

The prayer was arranged last April 28th at St Marcello al Corso in Rome at 7:00 pm, in a very central position, few minutes away from the most important monuments. Consequently, the church was attended by several tourists walking in Via del Corso, too. So, we prepared the prayer in three languages (english, spanish and italian): in this way, anyone could feel as directly involved in it.

The prayer included different situations:

  6. WORD OF GOD (Mt. 28, 1-10)
  8. LIGTH the candles
  9. Final PRAYER

During the procession, the Easter candle and our photo pannels were bright to the altar. It was a very evocative moment who involved all the presents some minutes later, when it was asked them to light on a small candle as symbol of own personal prayer.

A small document was transmitted by the proyector to the screen with some info about South Sudan and some photos of people and places.

In addition, we invited F. Alex, a South Sudanese priest, to speak about the situation in his country to let everybody know the real life conditions and what really happens, because sometimes mass media avoid to spread all the news.

At the end, we could count on 70/80 persons partecipating among religious, lay people and tourists (someone really interested to remain till the end of the prayer). Sally Axworthy, British Ambassador to the Holy See, took part to the prayer too, reading the message from South Sudan Bishop.

prayer candle1