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Post from Yambio: trainee teachers take study seriously

September 27, 2015

The pictures are of a science investigation we did for solids, liquids and gases. We melted margarine, ice, wax, and sugar. They were surprised about the sugar melting. I hope they will do these in their own classes. We only needed candles to melt them. I know you are wondering how you’d be able to use candles in schools. Not to worry—no fire regulations. Besides, candles and charcoal are cheap and easy to get.

The other picture isPhoto_Yambio Level 2 students Sep 2015 3 (640x480) of the level two class going out for their first day of observation in the nursery schools. They are going to nursery schools because a lot of their professional studies material is about early childhood education and stages of emotional, physical, social development as well as cognitive learning stages. It’s a good way to see applications of the theory.