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Our message for the Day of Prayer and Fast for Peace in South Sudan and Congo

20180223 Peace Message for today






To the People in South Sudan and RDC

Our Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As we are praying and fasting for peace in the world, especially in your countries where the need for Peace is most urgent, we would like to let you know that

You are in our mind and our hearts, not only today but always, and from all around the world.

We pray for Peace, in your countries, communities, families and hearts. May you feel our solidarity and our fraternity, which Pope Francis is also promoting: we are just one people, erasing barriers of countries, religions or any other difference.

We want to support you in your suffering that incarnates, not only the passion of the Lord, but also the Resurrection for all. We pray for your leaders, the churches, the international community, and every one, so  that the common good, human life and dignity of each and everybody may be promoted before any other interest.

We thank you for your endurance and resilience, for all the initiatives of peace and reconciliation, and for the hope and faith you are witnessing. Do not give up, « fight the good fight of the faith ». May every opportunity be taken seriously to bring healing reconciliation and harmony.

We are also praying so that your beautiful country may flourish in Peace. As Pope Francis said, « we believe that Peace is possible because Christ is alive ». Indeed, we believe that « Christ is our Peace » (Eph 2,14), and only Him can grant us lasting and real peace.

There is no Lenten Season without Easter, there is no cross without glory. May the Risen Christ journey with you and with us all in this long way of the cross, so that together we may witness the victory of Love over hatred, Life over death and Peace over war.

May Our Lady of Help, Nostra Signora di Valme, intercede for us all.

From Rome,

Your Brothers and Sisters from different countries of the world and from different religions, gathered in prayer on the 23 February 2018.