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Solidarity Projects Italy- ONLUS ETS

Italian Solidarity with South Sudan ONLUS was incorporated in Italy on 1 March 2012 and has its registered office in Rome. Members of the ONLUS belong to the Solidarity with South Sudan Governing Board. The ONLUS also has its own Governing Board as required by national law and meets regularly to discuss and pass resolutions on all matters relating to the ONLUS. An Assembly of members is held at least once a year. The ONLUS prepares, files and has audited annual reports.

At the end of 2014, the entity changed its name to Solidarity Projects Italy – ONLUS and made some amendments to its Articles of Association at an Assembly of Members. It was felt that these changes were necessary to allow a more efficient management of the entity.

On March 2020, The Onlus Board decided to change some amendments and the name to adapt its Statute to the Italian Reform on Third Sector. So the new name is Solidarity Projects Italy ONLUS – ETS. Early in April 2020, the Italian Association has been added in the Italian  ONLUS Register, in according with national laws.


PDF Italian Solidarity ONLUS Statuto ENG
PDF Italian Solidarity ONLUS Statuto IT

2020 New Statuto ETS (Italian and English version)