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The Governing Board representing the members of the Solidarity with South Sudan project, meet regularly in Rome,  to provide the direction for the project on behalf of the Religious Congregations and the South Sudan Bishops. Members are elected for three-year terms. The Board regularly reviews the strategic plan for the Solidarity mission in South Sudan, puts appropriate policies and protocols in place, appoints qualified persons to the senior management positions, and initiates fundraising for the project. The General Assembly  meets once a year in Rome, and is the  competent authority for the approval of the annual budget and all expenditure, ensuring full accountability back to donors, of the Strategic Plan, and has the power of decision on the legal bodies of the project in different countries,  official documentation, and membership.

Solidarity with South Sudan

Fr Paul Smyth CMF                                      PRESIDENT

Sr Maria Carmen Ocon MSOLA                 VICE PRESIDENT

Fr Kenneth Thesing MM                              PERSONNEL COMM. CHAIRMAN

Fr Jim Greene MAfr                                      EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR

Sr Gretta Fernandes SSpS

Br Anthony Baaladong MAfr                       FINANCE COMM. CHAIRMAN

Br Pierre Ouattara FSC

Sr Katherine O’Flynn, FCJ

Sr Ieda Maria Tomazini CSJ

Sr Cecilia Nya SHCJ

Bishop Erkolano Lodu Tombe (Bishop of Yei Diocese) ex officio

Sr Maria Teresa Ronchi CMB

Fr Fratern Masawe SJ

Mr Paul Fenney