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  • Br. Christy John - 2020 Pastoral Team

  • Sr Scholasticah - 2020 Pastoral Team

  • F. Jim Greene, Executive Director


The Solidarity Community in Juba,the South Sudan capital, is on the Nile River in the State of Central Equatoria. It is the central administrative community acting as a financial and pastoral centreas well as being a hospitality and resource centre for all of the Solidarity activities and personnel, most of whom pass through Juba, en route to international connections. The local people were predominantly from the Bari tribe but, as the capital, Juba has become now accommodates many people of every tribe, especially the dominant Dinka group, as well as a very large non-African international community and an African presence especially from close neighbours, Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia. The Solidarity Executive Director, the Director of Projects and  Education, the Pastoral Programme Director and the Finance Manager  are all based in Juba.

Community Members

  • Fr. Jim Greene MAfr (SSS Executive Director)
  • Fr. Christy John CMF (Pastoral team)
  • Sr. Terezihna EsperanÇa Miranda MSC  (Pastoral team)
  • Sr. Scolasticah Nganda CSM (Pastoral Team)
  • Fr. Mike Bassano MM (Pastoral team)
  • Mr. Gabe Hurrish (Project Manager)
  • Mr. Benard Okollah (Finance Manager)