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One Nation: HIV/AIDS & Capacitar Workshop

Sister Joana gave a two-day workshop in Riimenze to 30 single mothers and women on HIV/AIDS and Capacitar (a trauma healing workshop incorporating movements of the body). Below, Sr. Joana recounts the workshop and the impact that it had on the women of Riimenze:

We began with an opening prayer by Deacon Matthew. We invited schoolgirls for a three-hour workshop on HIV/AIDS. Makerena Joicy and I talked about HIV/AIDS basic information and how to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS through the family. The women were aware of HIV and were concerned about the status of their husbands because the men do not want to be tested.

After the discussion we continued with the Healing Ourselves Capacitar exercises. These exercises empower the women and they really like doing them. Women who came to the meeting with headaches, body pain tension, and heaviness felt so much better after doing the exercises. They asked me to do more workshops.

To enable this the women agreed to contribute a tin of groundnuts each, which would be exchanged for food for a meal. They have committed to collect the groundnuts I will do a Capacitar workshop and also teach some elements of hygiene.

The women really appreciated this Capacitar workshop and they said thank you to Solidarity.