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New LOGO for better Communications

For some time now, Solidarity has been reflecting on how to improve our communications with those who support us. Our ‘supporters’ come in different shapes and forms. There are over 200 religious congregations who continue to be interested in and sustain our activities and our personnel. They come from all over the world, each with their own history, spirituality and preferred ministries. ‘Male and female He made them’ and all are united in assisting us with prayer or personnel and finances.

UISG USGWe also have many donors; individuals, religious congregations and donor agencies. These too are interested in being kept up to date on what is happening on the ground in South Sudan and how their contributions are being used for transforming people’s lives and helping to develop the capacities of individuals, communities and some institutions, especially in the area of education, health, farming and pastoral care.


A trainee nurse at our Health Training Institute

We are currently seeking to employ a ‘Mission Promoter’ someone who will reach out to religious congregations and others and better facilitate communication and dialogue with them, whether in Rome of elsewhere.

We are also in the process of ‘refreshing’ and updating our internet communications. This involves redesigning our web site to make it more user friendly and attractive, and to enter into the worlds of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. With this in mind we hope to train a team of people in South Sudan who will help us feed more relevant and timely information to our users, allowing them to better participate in our projects.  Unfortunately, this part remains suspected owing to restrictions on travel in our Covid-19 world.

One part of this effort to transform has been completed. We now have a new logo for Solidarity. Below are some images of this logo as it is being launched in out Teacher Training College in Yambio. We hope that you will like it as much as we do.

IMG-20200419-WA0007 IMG-20200419-WA0008