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Our level two students  go out for 8 weeks to do observations and interviews in the schools. Year two has a big section on child development so we decided to send them to nursery schools to see children who are in earlier stages of development. It is going to be a big project for them which has five parts. I discovered that they are not entirely clear about what it means to observe so we did some practicing. I taught them not only how to observe but how to teach observation to children. They also are to interview three nursery school teachers. Interviewing and taking notes while you interview is a new experience. I had them practice with one another and then I recruited the level three students to be interviewed. They were very willing and did a good job of giving answers and advice. It’s been a good experience for both classes. The pictures are of the level two students going out for their first day of observation.

Sr. Margaret and I were asked to do a workshop on lesson plans for a rather new school that has new teachers. The majority have graduated from secondary school and with no further training have started not only teaching but running this school. At least they have classrooms and benches. The people of the school built the benches. I’m sending pictures so you can see what kind of a school it is. It is nursery and P1 through 8. They are a brave group to start this venture.