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A pleasant experience in Agrilatina

Last mont20160513 Agrilatina 2h Sr. Rose, Responsible of the Agricultural Project in Riimenze, together  with Sr Yudith, Associate Executive Director, had the chance to visit Agrilatina, a  Company committed in Biodynamic Agriculture located in Latina (less than 100  kms south of  Rome).

Biodynamic Agriculture is mainly based on the use of special natural preparations,  the care and love in processing and management of land. The Agrilatina staff applies  a series of practical measures, such as rotations, green manure, the lunar calendar  and zodiac. All this tends to enhance the vitality and the natural fertility of the soil.


Their idea is clear: they need the responsibility to respect, defend and protect the earth.

At the same way, Sr Yudith could promote our mission and values.

Sr Rose saw new agricultural methods and she affirmed that this experience will be very useful for Solidarity farm in South Sudan.