During the last 3 weeks, the local people on the road between Makpundu and Yambio have fled either to Yambio or Riimenze.

emergency riimenze 2

Our people and our property are undamaged but dreadful suffering has been inflicted on the usually peaceful community of Riimenze where we have our large agriculture project and other pastoral works for that local community.


Up until now we are the only group assisting daily the 4000 people gathered around our compound and the church. More people are arriving each day and more than 1000 small children have been counted.


Fortunately our large farm is able to feed them and we are also providing water, but not enough. We are providing flour by grinding maize, cassava and sweet potatoes for the IDPs. We have also given food to the hungry soldiers. They have not touched our farm nor our house.


Although we are supplying large amounts of food , some types of  food and other goods still need to be purchased along with oil, salt, soap, pots and pans etc to meet the immediate needs and later to help people return to their homes and start again.



CRS, congregations and other organisations  are giving us funds for immediate food relief. That is a great help, because we this situation may last long.

Any donations to assist the people of Riimenze will be gratefully received. This is an additional suffering imposed upon them.


We offer our prayerful support to all in Riimenze, firstly to the local people and then especially to Sisters Rosa and Josephine, and Fr Victor, the parish priest.


We pray for common sense and peace!