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Church leaders condemn violence once again

Recently the horrors and atrocities reported in the local media describe unspeakable callousness and cruelty hard to comprehend. Political leaders have so far demonstrated disunity and indifference. Church leaders show a united resolve and steadfastness to reach lasting peace.

The statement below was recently released from the South Sudan Council of Churches. In it, the Church Leaders from the major denominations say, inter alia:

‘There is no moral justification for the killing to continue. It is unacceptable for negotiations about power and positions to take place in luxury hotels while people are still killing and being killed… Human rights are being abused at every level, both on the battlefield and in peaceful areas. People are being killed, raped and tortured. Children are being recruited into armed groups. Looting is endemic. People are being arrested for no reason. Security organs appear to be acting as if they are above the law.’

The Council concludes its letter dated 26 May with these words:

South Sudan Council of Churches (SSCC) wishes to serve notice that the churches will not sit idle. If our statements are not heeded, we will take more proactive steps to try to achieve peace and reconciliation for the people of South Sudan. Any long term solution to the conflict must take account of the needs of the ordinary people, not the agenda of the political and military elite’.