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The Solidarity community in Wau is located in the State of Western Bahr El Ghazal. Wau was a garrisoned town during the many years of war and avoided the destruction the north wreaked on many other parts of South Sudan. Solidarity came to this city, the second largest in South Sudan, to redevelop and renew the delivery of Health Education programmes with students coming from all states of South Sudan.

Catholic Health Training Institute

Solidarity with Southern Sudan is committed to Pastoral, Teacher and Nurse training.  The Catholic Health Training Institute (CHTI) is the only nurse training facility located in Southern Sudan, an area roughly the size of France and Germany combined.  In February of 2010, 17 students from all over Sudan entered as the first cohort.  The CHTI is training to empower Sudanese to be health leaders in their own communities.

Community Members

  • Sr. Esperance Bamiriyo CMS
  • Sr Dorothy Dickson RNDM
  • Sr Maria Fè Divino SSpS