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  11 October 2015 – Religious Leaders and Elders in Yambio have issued a mutual combined press statement to call for peace and calm in the region. Read below the full statement Mutual Combined Press Statement of call for calm in Western Equatoria State and Republic of South Sudan Yambio, October 7th 2015 We the Religious Leaders and Elders in Yambio ...

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Conflict : reasons for increasing Optimism

Displaced girl on bed in UN base

It was reported three days ago that the SPLA has begun assessing areas to move the army 25 kilometres outside Juba as stipulated in the peace agreement signed last month. The Chief of General Staff, Paul Malong and the head of the Presidential Guards, Marial Chanuong, with the help of a GPS company, have begun marking the coordinates of locations for ...

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Teacher Training Students and The book of forgiving by Desmond Tutu

The book of forgiving_

Sr Carmita Cabrera, MCC, who teaches CRE at the Teacher Training College in Yambio, Western Equatoria, used ‘the book of forgiveness’ by Bishop Desmond Tutu in her class and the students shared the message each week with the college community at the Friday assembly. The books came to South Sudan thanks to the generosity of some South Sudanese women in the USA who wanted the ...

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Anguish and Compassion

Displaced woman inside UN base in South Sudan

In Juba we live behind a high fence with steel gates. It is simply the prudent thing to do. But every now and again there is banging on the gate to alert us that someone, anyone, a person, is seeking entry. When I recently responded to such knocking, I was confronted by a tall, slender, South Sudanese woman of gracious ...

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Training Trauma Healing Trainers


by Cathy Arata Trauma healing is not something new for Solidarity with South Sudan. Since January 2010, we have conducted more than thirty workshops using the Capacitar method (funded by Mensen met een missie). More than one thousand children, women and men have participated in these workshops. This year we took a big step forward and participated with RSASS in ...

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Post from Yambio: trainee teachers take study seriously

Level 2 students go to nursery school for practical observation

September 27, 2015 The pictures are of a science investigation we did for solids, liquids and gases. We melted margarine, ice, wax, and sugar. They were surprised about the sugar melting. I hope they will do these in their own classes. We only needed candles to melt them. I know you are wondering how you’d be able to use candles ...

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Let There Be Peace!

Praying for peace

The international community, set a dead-line of August 17 for the leaders of the rival, military factions in South Sudan to reach a peace agreement.  Since fighting erupted on December 15th, 2013, there have been four previous signed agreements, plus several other less formal attempts, that simply were not effective. Meanwhile, according to UN agency OCHA, 1,606,385 people have registered as ...

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South Sudan’s Independence day – 9 July

Battered flag still flying

The ninth of July is the anniversary of independence for South Sudan. Four years after the joyful celebrations, the people of South Sudan have little to celebrate in a general climate of uncertainty and violence. The government has issued new coins on this anniversary so that the local currency, the South Sudanese pound, can now be divided. However, it is likely that ...

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Why We Are Here

Sr. Josephine with children

It is sad to see the present, unnecessary suffering of the people in South Sudan. Many are hungry, many are homeless and most are very poor – except in their spirit. Fortunately, the Churches, the UN and Aid agencies continue to assist the people. The Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) released a report last week asserting South Sudan faces the ...

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