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Second story – Solidarity Pastoral Project

Clinic supervisor in Wau neighbourhood

We are happy to share with you Arsenyo’s story! Arsenyo is a catechist and he appreciated the workshops arranged by Solidarity. The work of catechists is important to educate new generations as main teachers of faith. Great job Arsenyo!! And thanks to all our supporters: all together we reached this target! Stay tuned for other stories from our projects in ...

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Letter from Br. Bill Firman

Photo credit: Paul Jeffrey

Greetings all, After meeting in Melbourne, last night,  many very generous people born in South Sudan, I wish to share the following good news. Br Bill Flawed But Chosen  Today, in Malakal in South Sudan, Fr Stephen Nyodho, will be ordained as the new Bishop for the largest Catholic, the Diocese of Malakal that covers the traditional regions of Upper ...

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Story telling – Foiza and the training in Riimenze


      We are happy to share with you Foiza Elimana’s story! Thanks to the training attended at Solidarity Sustainable Agriculture project in Riimenze, Foiza is now able to correctly feed her daughter Marta, support her family and sell what she personally cultivates. Great job Foiza!! And thanks to all our supporters: all together we reached this target! Stay ...

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Celebrating the 8th Independence Day

2019 A Joyous Independence Day!

Today, we celebrate together with South Sudan the 8th Independence Day. To share with you this important occasion, we prepared a Prayer for South Sudan and a video. Pray with us and support South Sudan towards self sustainability and long lasting peace.

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Save the Date

Save the date DEF CARD2

We are happy to inform you that our Annual General Assembly will be held in Rome on November 27th. Details will be shared in the next weeks.

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Si parla di noi su Combonifem

articolo COMBOFEM

      Combonifem, la rivista delle suore missionarie comboniane, ci ha regalato uno spazio in cui parla del Sud Sudan e del decennale della nostra Associazione. Trovate la copia digitale della rivista sul link

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Pope Francis kisses the feet of South Sudan’s leaders

Credits: Vatican News

  An ecumenical spiritual retreat led by Pope Francis and the Archbishop of Canterbury at the Vatican ended with Pope Francis kissing the feet of South Sudan’s political leaders. The unprecedented two day retreat was organised in an effort to support the South Sudanese fragile peace deal. The political leaders present at the retreat are expected to form a national ...

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Fr Jim Greene’s Interview for Vatican News

Photo credits: Paul Jeffrey

Fr Jim Greene, the new Executive Director, during his interview for Vatican News, reflected on Pope Francis’ powerful appeal to the young nation’s rival leaders for peace and pleaded with men and women across the world not to forget the people as they struggle to build a future. Click here to listen to his interview and read the complete article.

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