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 THE END OF THE YEAR  IN SOUTH SUDAN December 15th, first anniversary of the outbreak of internal fighting in South Sudan has come and gone without any serious incidents. The people of South Sudan are very focussed on anniversaries; so it is pleasing there were no problems. A few weeks ago there was fighting and evident tension between the tribes in ...

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IN TIMES OF CRISIS  2015 APPEAL Together, Towards a Future of Hope and Peace Dear Friends and supporters, This past year has been a very difficult one for South Sudan. The violence that exploded last December has led the country to a civil war. More than 7 million people are facing the threat of hunger. Solidarity works to accompany and ...

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Press Release: A step together


Shared Journeys of Listening and Dialogue in South Sudan 30 September 2014 Yei. From the1st to the 28th of October 2014, South Sudan’s Committee for National Healing, Peace and Reconciliation will be hosting an intensive four—week training in Yei, Central Equatoria. The training, titled “A Step Together: Shared Journeys of Listening and Dialogue” brings together more than 80 community and ...

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More teachers quit over poor pay

oct-news-07-01 Adeng Koriom October 6, 2014 Br.Joseph Alak Deng FSC, teaches a class in Solidarity Teacher Training Centre, Yambio/Kairosphotos. More than 2,000 teachers have left the profession over the last two years due to low pay, the Undersecretary at the Ministry of Education has announced.The basic monthly salary for a teacher is 300 pounds.Mr. Michael Lopuke says the majority left ...

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Daily life in Yambio


Oct. 12, 2014 from Pat Johansen SCL I’m sending a variety of pictures. There are a couple of the students micro-teaching. They are doing it in partners and these two were doing sound. They did very well. We like to have them get some experience before they go out to the schools. We especially like to have them make lesson ...

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Trauma healing in South Sudan


Annette St-Amour IHM Twenty-two years of war has left a deep footprint of wound on the people of South Sudan. On top of that, dashing the hopes for desperately needed development in the country, the conflict that broke out in December 2013 has left four states with more than 80,000 people in UN camps in need of protection as well ...

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From our Malakal displaced community


Letter by Sr Carolyn Bush SNDN, October 2014 Dear Sisters, family, and friends, It’s been almost two months since I’ve returned to South Sudan from California and come to be a member of the Solidarity Community in Wau where we are helping to train nurses and midwives. Our Teaching Training College in Malakal has been looted and is now being ...

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Please don’t forget us


Returning to Malakal and other Refugee camps, Letter from Sr Barbara Paleczny Yesterday, Mike, a Maryknoll priest from upstate NY– Bimington, and I returned from Malakal. We couldn’t give our Healing from Trauma workshops because the IDP camp is now so overcrowded with over 20,000 people that there was no space to gather a group.  Perhaps at a future date. ...

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Analysis of the situation

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Situation overview Sources: (A) Consolidated Appeal 2011, Consolidated Appeal 2012, Crisis Response Plan Feb 2014. (B) (14 May), Clusters (14 May). (C) Clusters (14 May). The South Sudan crisis has deteriorated significantly. Violence against civilians has continued, including widespread attacks on women and girls and other gender-based violence. Food security experts warn that the risk of famine is high. ...

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