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Solidarity in Malakal UN Camp: The Gathering

When I grow up ...

It was a time of bringing people together of all different tribes, various United Nations organizations as well as cooperation among all Christian Churches that made the Christmas and New Year Celebrations memorable in the camp. The Catholic community just before Christmas built their own little Church made of plastic sheeting, wire, wood and some steel poles so as to ...

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A Fragile Situation

  Situation in South Sudan – update in snippets A number of events in the first three months of this year have created a climate of uncertainty and a feeling of “wait and see” with the ordinary South Sudanese bearing the worst effects of political instability. Here the main news from different sources PEACE TALKS FAILED ON MARCH 6TH, NEW ...

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  by Bill Firman FSC.   Statistics describing South Sudan provide a stark picture of what is happening here. Those of us from other countries know it could be so much better. It is remarkable how well some eke out a living with very few resources. If they are not near the areas where there is fighting, they simply get ...

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 THE END OF THE YEAR  IN SOUTH SUDAN December 15th, first anniversary of the outbreak of internal fighting in South Sudan has come and gone without any serious incidents. The people of South Sudan are very focussed on anniversaries; so it is pleasing there were no problems. A few weeks ago there was fighting and evident tension between the tribes in ...

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IN TIMES OF CRISIS  2015 APPEAL Together, Towards a Future of Hope and Peace Dear Friends and supporters, This past year has been a very difficult one for South Sudan. The violence that exploded last December has led the country to a civil war. More than 7 million people are facing the threat of hunger. Solidarity works to accompany and ...

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