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Workshop for College Graduates during pandemic


From: Solidarity Teacher Training College, Yambio A four day workshop was organized by Sr Guille Vasquez , assisted by Sr Carolyn Buhs and Sr Margaret, on the Methodology for the new primary curriculum. Twenty college graduates teaching in and around Yambio were invited to participate. The workshop was interactive with colleagues working in pairs and small groups, as well as ...

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Post from Yambio: trainee teachers take study seriously

Level 2 students go to nursery school for practical observation

September 27, 2015 The pictures are of a science investigation we did for solids, liquids and gases. We melted margarine, ice, wax, and sugar. They were surprised about the sugar melting. I hope they will do these in their own classes. We only needed candles to melt them. I know you are wondering how you’d be able to use candles ...

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