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Workshop for College Graduates during pandemic


From: Solidarity Teacher Training College, Yambio A four day workshop was organized by Sr Guille Vasquez , assisted by Sr Carolyn Buhs and Sr Margaret, on the Methodology for the new primary curriculum. Twenty college graduates teaching in and around Yambio were invited to participate. The workshop was interactive with colleagues working in pairs and small groups, as well as ...

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Need of Community Members

The Communities of Solidarity , based in South Sudan, need to increase the number of their members, to guarantee the continuity and improvement of our Mission. It is our commitment of evangelisation, as partners of the Bishops Conference,  the  service to the people of South Sudan building its capacity in areas such as education, health, pastoral and agriculture. We call ...

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Prayers for Br. Pascal Kawembe

br pascal

It was with great sadness that we announce the tragic death, in a car accident in Kenya, of their colleague and friend Br. Pascal Kawembe last May 29th. It is a great loss for our Solidarity Community. Our prayers are for Br Pascal and his family. We can only thank him for the precious support to Solidarity. May he rest in Peace. ...

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address by Bishop Hiiboro (640x480)

Ref. Period of enduring Hope and emerging Light in South Sudan’s darkness.   My dearest Sisters and brothers, As I began to think about what to write during this Holy Christmas and New Year seasons, I tried to do what many of us do when looking for the words to say: I wanted to go back into the files. But ...

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Teacher Training Students and The book of forgiving by Desmond Tutu

The book of forgiving_

Sr Carmita Cabrera, MCC, who teaches CRE at the Teacher Training College in Yambio, Western Equatoria, used ‘the book of forgiveness’ by Bishop Desmond Tutu in her class and the students shared the message each week with the college community at the Friday assembly. The books came to South Sudan thanks to the generosity of some South Sudanese women in the USA who wanted the ...

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Post from Yambio: trainee teachers take study seriously

Level 2 students go to nursery school for practical observation

September 27, 2015 The pictures are of a science investigation we did for solids, liquids and gases. We melted margarine, ice, wax, and sugar. They were surprised about the sugar melting. I hope they will do these in their own classes. We only needed candles to melt them. I know you are wondering how you’d be able to use candles ...

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U.S. priest lives with ‘suffering Christ’ at U.N. base in South Sudan

By Paul Jeffrey Catholic News Service MALAKAL, South Sudan (CNS) — Behind the blue-helmeted U.N. soldiers ringing the periphery, their tanks and heavy weapons pointed outward, Maryknoll Father Mike Bassano’s parish is a tightly packed maze of tents and tarpaulins filled with people hiding from war. Father Bassano is the only priest amid the 25,000 civilians who live inside the ...

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Three Spoons and Food Program

Displaced woman and children inside UN base in South Sudan

Mike Bassano 12 April 2015 One day, Hadia, a seven year old girl, invited me to her small tent house in the United Nations camp for Displaced People in Malakal, South Sudan. She wanted me to meet her mother, Sarah, as well as her younger brother. Hadia’s father died in the fighting that began in December 2013 causing many people ...

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147. Ministry in Malakal

Priest lives with the displaced in South Sudan

There are good photographs that record reality with sharpness and accuracy; but there are great photos that touch the heart and stir the emotions. I have some of these to offer with this reflection, great photos taken by a very good friend to Solidarity with South Sudan, Paul Jeffrey. The photos, more than anything I can write, reveal the misery of ...

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Going to teach

going to teach, workshop 019

Our level two students  go out for 8 weeks to do observations and interviews in the schools. Year two has a big section on child development so we decided to send them to nursery schools to see children who are in earlier stages of development. It is going to be a big project for them which has five parts. I ...

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