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Bishop Hiiboro: Message for International Day for Peace

Following you can find the message from Bishop Hiiboro for the 2017 International Day of Peace.

Photo Credits: Paul Jeffrey

Photo Credits: Paul Jeffrey










September 21st 2017

I greet you with great joy and empathy beloved young Sudanese and
South Sudanese during this historical day dedicated for humanity to
cherish peace. The International Day of Peace (“Peace Day”) is
observed around the world each year on 21 September. Established in
1981 by unanimous United Nations resolution, Peace Day provides a
globally shared date for all humanity to commit to Peace above all
differences and to contribute to building a Culture of Peace.

For us in the two SUDANS it is quite necessary for us to stop awhile
and hold abreast to breathe and invite peace into our hearts, because
we have lost everything to wars.

Honestly we have paid heavily the price for our senseless violence now
we must stop it by paying heavily for PEACE. Indeed, now and only
networks of peace must increase – that we must reach to all with whom
peace can become a reality– now and only such recommended networks of
peace are by no means essential for the surviving of Sudan and South
Sudan, where peace is threatened by the ruthless networks of
injustice, violence, hate, negative ethnicity, indifference, lack of
forgiveness, poverty and terror.

Here, what I mean, such desired networks of peace must intertwined to
face the disturbing networks of organized EVIL, that terrify us every
day. We people of Sudan and South Sudan must intertwine in a network
which will help us to build a better future for the human family and
the creation in two nations.

In his 2017 Message for the World Day of Peace. . . (January 1) Pope
Francis urges us to practice active nonviolence and work to prevent
conflict by addressing its causes, building relationships, and
facilitating healing and restoration.

My dearest friends of Peace, the young people, I am writing this
message purposely to each and everyone of you. Please read this
message of mine, live it, share it and build on it!

Over the past few years, I have had the bittersweet privilege to
witness how quickly you grew, and how quickly you matured. The
killings and incessant fighting that have plagued our beloved nation
changed you and placed before you challenges that are normally unknown
to your peers in other countries in the world. I feel your
frustrations when on your faces, your voices, your attitudes, the way
you walk, they way you dress, what you write on social media, what you
sing, what you do, etc.

My heart breaks at the thought that your childhoods are being taken
away from you daily, but I know that you have not lost your vision, or
your hope for a better future for yourselves and our countries. You
still have your dreams and your determination to build a peaceful and
prosperous nation.

Let us work together to make sure that our children do not receive the
same painful experiences you did and to build a nation all can be
proud of. If anyone can be successful, it is you. I believe that God
initiates his plans through the youthful zeal and passion of young men
and women like you. And God’s plan is for us to forgive and build
peace. We cannot achieve it through violence and hate speech. But we
can achieve it by engaging with one another and building our nation

It takes a lot of courage to take the first step, where our parents
and elders have, sadly, FAILD. That is because unlike you, we are
entrenched into our old habits, prejudices, hate, injustice and, even,
pettiness, and it is not easy to let go of our selfishness for it is
how we have been able to survive and preserve ourselves in these dark
times. But now it is time to look forward and we, living in a small
country, can do that together.

I have faith in you, my young friends. “Let no one despise you for
your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in
love, in faith, in purity.” (1 Timothy 4:12)

Thus, you can set an example for all of us through your dedication,
resourcefulness, and sincerity in promoting peaceful coexistence and
building a nation, rich in resources that can stand as a symbol for
achievement. Our brothers and sisters in other nations, especially
Rwanda, have succeeded in achieving peace and prosperity.  And you can
lead the way in achieving this for our nation, Sudan and South Sudan.

Who better than you can spread the word of the Lord through social
media and other modern means of communications that your bright
creative minds are so agile at? Help those you can reach out. Share
Christian wisdom and partnership wherever you are – on social networks
and on websites, on radio and television, during individual
conversations, and other opportunities. Rally passionate young
independent thinkers like you. Engage with all. Your actions can
inspire and form the foundations for a better life for you and your
children and for all of Sudan and South Sudan. And being a small
nation, we can only do it together.

Know this and take to heart, you are choice young people blessed with
the gospel of Jesus Christ. I feel to say to you that the Lord has a
special mission for each one of you, and as you live in accordance
with gospel principles, the Lord will open up the way before you and
assist you in solving your problems and making the right decisions
throughout your life.

We are, however, living in a period where there is much hatred,
conflict, and contention. People everywhere are praying for peace and
happiness. Jesus Christ is called the Prince of Peace, and his message
is a message of peace to the individual and to the world. It is peace
that makes us really appreciate mortal life and enables us to bear
heartbreaking situations and tribulations.

I regard with profound respect the positive impact you can have on the
future of our country, for you are the future. Let us mobilize under
your courageous leadership, your energies and pave the way for a
responsible and meaningful dialogue and engagement. To that end, I
will seek out every opportunity to listen to you as frequently as
possible, to be inspired by your boldness, and to learn from your

Young people YES we can transform our violent nations into PEACEFUL world!
May the blessings of the Lord of PEACE be upon you.