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Behind the new logo

Last December, we started a new cooperation with a team of professionals in order to refresh our brand, always respecting our mission, vision and value.

The first step was to renew our logo, with a stable connection with the old one.


compared logos





Basic Elements:

  • Stylised African Map:

This iconic element offers an instant identity, and it is a strong connection with the old logo. As in past, it suggests unity with the rest of Africa and promotes the spirit of cooperation, that is one of the founding values of our Association.

Design notes:

  • The shape is more structured than the original, but it retains the graphic looseness
  • Thicker outline is more confident and intentional
  • Offset colour fill suggests the challenges we need to face together with our supporters.


  • Choice of the colours.

At first, we chose to keep the same colours, but with a new gradation. Our selected colours are the main colours in the South Sudanese flag, black, red, white and green.

Green represents hope, growth, goodness, natural wealth, and the shared dream of prosperity, but, now, it is more similar to the one in South Sudanese Flag.

Black represents the people of South Sudan.

Red represents suffering, crisis and urgency.

White represents the faith, it is the colour of new beginnings, its basic feature is equality, implying fairness and impartiality, neutrality and independence.


  • Choice of the font and the word SOLIDARITY.

We were on the look out for a font with specific tall letter shapes to suggest the resilience of those who ‘remain standing’ amid the ongoing challenges in South Sudan.
Conveniently, this font format also helps avoid having a very long logo.

We have opted for title case (not caps only) for the logo text. This because we want to communicate an attitude of genuine humility, and we hope you can find it practical and inviting.

Together, the tall letter shapes and the choice of title case convey a sense of balance and grounded dignity.


The interlinking ‘S’ is around the red dot to symbolize the ‘link’ between the Association and the Country. It is the graphical representation of our mission, vision and values.
It suggests connection, unity and steadfastness.


Design notes:
• It is not just the ‘S’s that interlink. Note the relationship between the two lines of text.

  • The word ‘with’, though smaller, is slightly bolder than the rest, to retain a feeling of consistent text weight. It is in red to recall the geolocation of the Country and the centrality of South Sudan.
  • Note the intentional connection between the ‘u’ and the ‘t’ in the word ‘south’ forming a subtle cross.
  • The outline of the African icon has been partly removed to allow for the logo text.