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Agriculture (Riimenze)

The overall  goals of Solidarity involvement in agriculture is for better education in health, nutrition and good agrarian practices to assist and empower the people as well as containing costs of food in the Solidarity nurse and teacher training enterprises. It is envisaged that the agricultural practices must themselves become self-sustainable  while assisting the long term self-sustainability of the  training institutes. Solidarity helps the economy of the local people function better by the injection of funds through employment and the introduction of farming basic practices rather than developing large commercial enterprises dependent on expensive equipment. Solidarity is developing and building local capacity that can serve as an example to the wider South Sudan rural people on what can be achieved without massive injections of expensive, first-world machinery and resources. Solidarity is developing sustainable agriculture in both Riimenze and Wau.

Solidarity has also initiated a sustainable agricultural project at the Solidarity Teacher Training College at Yambio, the purpose of which is to educate those in teacher training to farming methods that can supplement their income in their local communities and help them to introduce such methods to their students. Western Equatoria is a very fertile area of the country and has great potential for agricultural initiatives that could provide for food needs of the rest of the country. Current food shortages are due to war, displacement of populations and loss of skills base.


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