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A call for solidarity












After the events of the past weeks and the demonstrations all over the world to say NO TO RACISM, Fr. Mike wanted to share with us a small poem, that is a reminder to overcome the apparent divisions, because we are all brothers and sisters.




Needless brutal death

of one named George Floyd

protesters marching

facing troops deployed


United together

crying out in pain

centuries of enslavement

leaving bloody stain


Sadness in hearts

tears drenching our land

scourge of racism

raising its ugly hand


Outrage is heard

prophetic voices raising

neither room for platitudes

not empty compromising


Dream of Jesus

loving one another

why have we forgotten

we are sister and brother


Created in God’s image

forever to be

divinely blessed

with inherent dignity


He can breathe now

freed from sorrow

calling forth justice

for peaceful tomorrow

 F. Mike Bassano, mm