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Annual Report 2019 – Development 2020










This report highlights the achievements in 2019 including the increase of the graduated students and of the attending persons to the workshops arranged by Agricultural and Pastoral teams, too. In addition, there is a section dedicated to the accounts, reporting the donations received and the money spent for our projexts in South Sudan.

Thanks to the commitment of our donors we reached great results in 2019, too!

But, even if the Annual Report 2019 looks back to 2019, our focus is on the present and future. The impact of the COVID-19 crisis has domino effect on the global economy, and Solidarity with South Sudan  has the charge to strengthen the commitment and even to reimagine the sustain to South Sudanese.

For this reason, once again, we are thanking you for the support and we are asking your continuous sustain for South Sudan and for our projects in Education, Health, Agriculture and Pastoral.

Click here to download the Annual Report 2019.