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Pray together for Equity and Peace in South Sudan

Dear Friend,

        Good morning and hope you are keeping safe and well during this pandemic. Even though our cases of the virus continue to rise in the camp and throughout the country,we are doing our best to keep everyone safe and well in following health guidelines.
         Last Saturday, the tragic and brutal killing of three children by a man who came to their house while the parents were away in the capital Juba and murdered them while they were watching television has caused great sadness,grief and outrage among everyone in South Sudan. The children’s names were: Naomi Edward age 9, Blessed Edward age 7 and Nur Edward age 4. Let us remember them in our prayers and well as their surviving parents who are is shock and uncontrollable grief.
           May the bell of compassion and justice ring out throughout all the world that violence like this upon the innocent ones will come to an end and a new day begin of respect and dignity for human life. I was also saddened to hear of the death of aman who soent his life standing up for racial equality and respect for human life.His name was John Lewis from the USA whose life is an inspiration for many to follow.
              I have composed a poem based on all that has been happening in recent days and offer it as a gift to you.
F. Mike Bassan, mm
(From Malakal – South Sudan)

Standing up

Gentle rain falling
          nourishing earth
faithful reminder
          of nature’s rebirth
Where there is death
          seedlings of life growing
divine mystery at work
          through faith knowing
Liturgical phrase
          brought to mind
“Life is changed not ended”
          of a prayerful kind
What is unseen
          nothing to fear
free to believe
          You are always near
Struggling with pandemic
           keeping healthily well
hoping for better future
           united peacefully to dwell
In silent stillness
            hearing iconic voice
of respected John Lewis
            inspiring committed choice
Standing up for racial equality
            family of sister and brother
without bitterness or hatred
             loving one another