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Supporting South Sudan during the Covid-19 emergency

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There has been an informal camp of displaced people camped around Riimenze parish since the time of the violence in Western Equatoria in 2016. At its height, over 7,000 people were crammed in a small area, seeking protection and support from the Church. Over the years Solidarity, along with the Diocese of Tombura/Yambio, have tried to assist these people to the best of their ability. Thankfully the security  situation has improved considerably over the last 18 months and most of the camp dwellers have since returned to their original homes.
In all this certain groups of people like the elderly and orphans can be left to one side to fend for themselves. Our Solidarity community has decided to continue to support these people, through the kind gifts of benefactors and donors.
Br. Christian who is leading this project this month, writes “We always take the occasion of monthly food distribution to do some information giving campaigns. We provide each person with a pair of face masks, sanitation materials, namely, disinfectant. soap, buckets, and cups – thanks to our benefactors.
We were also able to give health enhancing materials, namely, multivitamin, cough syrups – thanks to Caritas and our own agricultural project. We have distributed foods, namely, rice, beans, sorghum flour, salt, sugar and groundnuts. This is an encouragement towards good dieting and we ask that people remain at home and avoid crowded areas.
 We would like to thank all our many benefactors who allow us to support these vulnerable people”.
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