Training Trauma Healing Trainers


by Cathy Arata Trauma healing is not something new for Solidarity with South Sudan. Since January 2010, we have conducted more than thirty workshops using the Capacitar method (funded by Mensen met een missie). More than one thousand children, women and men have participated in these workshops. This year we took a big step forward and participated with RSASS in ...

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Going to teach

going to teach, workshop 019

Our level two students  go out for 8 weeks to do observations and interviews in the schools. Year two has a big section on child development so we decided to send them to nursery schools to see children who are in earlier stages of development. It is going to be a big project for them which has five parts. I ...

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Yambio: Educating Teachers in South Sudan

It is a good problem to have. We need more dormitories and more staff accommodation in Yambio where there are now four, full-time classes of pre-service teacher training in action. There are two semesters per year and the programme extends over two years – thus, for four semesters. At the beginning of each semester there is a new intake. Initially, ...

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