Religious congregations together training teachers, nurses, midwives, local farmers and community leaders in the youngest country in the world

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  • Battered flag still flying

    South Sudan’s Independence day – 9 July

    The ninth of July is the anniversary of independence for South Sudan. Four years after the joyful celebrations, the people of South Sudan have little to celebrate in a general climate of uncertainty and violence. The government has issued new coins on this anniversary so that the local currency, the South Sudanese pound, can now be divided. However, it is likely that the ordinary people are more worried about the runaway inflation while trying to make ends meet. In all of this, ...

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Letters From South Sudan

Sr. Josephine with children

Why We Are Here

It is sad to see the present, unnecessary suffering of the people in South Sudan. Many are hungry, many are homeless and most are very poor – except in their spirit. Fortunately, the Churches, the UN and Aid agencies continue to assist the people. The Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) released a report last week asserting South Sudan faces the worst hunger since independence, with 4.6 million people in crisis or emergency food insecurity, roughly 40% of the population. But ...

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Carrying food

Floundering Economy

The cost of food for the local people who earn and purchase in SSP is becoming prohibitive. Many people are hungry. A recent report of the United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA stated that South Sudan made significant progress in improving food insecurity, prior to the start of the conflict in late 2013 but now asserts: “By late 2014, about 38 per cent of the population was considered food insecure.” It would be a greater percentage now. The official exchange ...

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Displaced woman and children inside UN base in South Sudan

Three Spoons and Food Program

Mike Bassano 12 April 2015 One day, Hadia, a seven year old girl, invited me to her small tent house in the United Nations camp for Displaced People in Malakal, South Sudan. She wanted me to meet her mother, Sarah, as well as her younger brother. Hadia’s father died in the fighting that began in December 2013 causing many people to be displaced from their homes and to come and live in the camp. As I entered her tent which ...

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Priest celebrates mass inside UN base in South Sudan


Michael Bassano MM 15 April 2015 It was an unforgettable and memorable Holy Week in the United Nations Camp in Malakal, South Sudan this year, 2015. The population of this Camp for internally displaced people due to civil war is over 25,000. The Catholic Community has constructed a simple tent like chapel made of plastic sheeting and wooden poles as a place to gather for prayer as well as to celebrate. During the Good Friday service something unusual happened. Due ...

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