Religious congregations together training teachers, nurses, midwives, local farmers and community leaders in the youngest country in the world

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    A gift of hope for the people of South Sudan

    The project of the combined Religious in South Sudan to build a centre for human, pastoral and spiritual formation, peace building and trauma healing for South Sudanese and church personnel – lay, clergy and religious – at Kit near Juba, South Sudan, was launched officially by Archbishop Paulino Lukudu Loro on  11th October 2014. Thanks to the drive and energy of Fr Daniele Moschetti, Chairperson of the Association, and of Comboni Brother, Hans Eigner, a skilled engineer, this centre, now named as the ‘Good ...

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Letters From South Sudan

praying for peace

There is Good New in South Sudan

Go back a few centuries or even, in some cases, a few decades. Italy was not a united country but independent and warring states; America had a civil war in which negro enslavement was a significant issue; France had a bloody revolution pitting the people against the aristocracy; South Africa was governed with apartheid divisions; peace between Protestant and Catholic in Northern Ireland seemed an unattainable goal; and so the list goes on. South Sudan is the world’s newest nation, ...

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Loreto assembly

Valiant Women

I write today of two women in South Sudan, one a missionary whose life was tragically ended in unprovoked violence last week; and one a young woman who, against the odds, has just graduated from Loreto School in Rumbek: two women of great character from very different backgrounds, whose own words convey strong and moving messages.   The first is Sr Veronica SSpS, a Holy Spirit Sister, a medical doctor and hospital administrator well known to many of us. I ...

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address by Bishop Hiiboro (640x480)


Ref. Period of enduring Hope and emerging Light in South Sudan’s darkness.   My dearest Sisters and brothers, As I began to think about what to write during this Holy Christmas and New Year seasons, I tried to do what many of us do when looking for the words to say: I wanted to go back into the files. But I could not make an inch as my whole self and every circumstances about me, is overwhelmed by the increasing ...

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Displaced girl inside UN base in South Sudan

Testing Times

‘Despite the hardships and so many challenges they face, war affected communities show an extraordinary resilience. This, together with their faith, helps them to cope with the daily struggles’. So wrote Comboni Missionary from Brazil, Fr Raimundo, after his return from celebrating Christmas in the UN POC (Protection of Civilians) camp in Bentieu, the war ravaged capital of Unity State. Fr Raimundo was the parish priest in Leer, also in Unity State, before the conflict broke out in late 2013. ...

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