Religious congregations together training teachers, nurses, midwives, local farmers and community leaders in the youngest country in the world

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  • yp at uisg plenary

    Solidarity with South Sudan at “Weaving Global Solidarity for Life” , UISG Plenary Assembly. (Rome, 09-13 May)

    Solidarity with South Sudan inaugurated its first Photo Exhibit during the last UISG Plenary Assembly  on May 9th -13th that was held in Rome with the presence of 870 Superiors General of female congregations. It was an important occasion to share information and news of Solidarity and  South Sudan with all the participants . In a  permanent stand the Rome Office staff offered  promotional materials and information about our current needs and activities, printed in different languages. In addition Sr Yudith Pereira, our ...

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Letters From South Sudan

address by Bishop Hiiboro (640x480)


Ref. Period of enduring Hope and emerging Light in South Sudan’s darkness.   My dearest Sisters and brothers, As I began to think about what to write during this Holy Christmas and New Year seasons, I tried to do what many of us do when looking for the words to say: I wanted to go back into the files. But I could not make an inch as my whole self and every circumstances about me, is overwhelmed by the increasing ...

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Displaced girl inside UN base in South Sudan

Testing Times

‘Despite the hardships and so many challenges they face, war affected communities show an extraordinary resilience. This, together with their faith, helps them to cope with the daily struggles’. So wrote Comboni Missionary from Brazil, Fr Raimundo, after his return from celebrating Christmas in the UN POC (Protection of Civilians) camp in Bentieu, the war ravaged capital of Unity State. Fr Raimundo was the parish priest in Leer, also in Unity State, before the conflict broke out in late 2013. ...

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STTC graduate & two Aussies

157. Forging a Future

  There is abundant bad publicity about South Sudan, some deserved, some over-stated and some not fully depicting the human tragedy that has afflicted the lives of so many people. Yet there are many courageous young people who continue to pursue their hopes and dreams. They know that just because a person is from another tribe, does not make that person one’s enemy. Indeed, they have formed strong cross-tribal friendships while living and studying together for the past three years in ...

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Displaced girl on bed in UN base

Conflict : reasons for increasing Optimism

It was reported three days ago that the SPLA has begun assessing areas to move the army 25 kilometres outside Juba as stipulated in the peace agreement signed last month. The Chief of General Staff, Paul Malong and the head of the Presidential Guards, Marial Chanuong, with the help of a GPS company, have begun marking the coordinates of locations for new army barracks. According to General Malong, the demilitarization of Juba will begin once the new locations are approved by ...

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