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    A Fragile Situation

      Situation in South Sudan – update in snippets A number of events in the first three months of this year have created a climate of uncertainty and a feeling of “wait and see” with the ordinary South Sudanese bearing the worst effects of political instability. Here the main news from different sources PEACE TALKS FAILED ON MARCH 6TH, NEW DEADLINE  IN APRIL The year also opened with expectations that the IGAD talks held on 30 January in Addis Ababa would result ...

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Letters From South Sudan


143. With Band-Aids and Rubber Bands

    The fragile peace continues to hold and peace talks are soon to begin again; but we seem no nearer to a permanent solution and a clear roadmap for moving forward in South Sudan. A recent report from The Sudd Research Institute provided this table of statistics. I presume ‘security’ covers the military. The Rule of Law also attracts a lot of funding but its results are not obvious. What a stark contrast with the amount being spent on ...

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142. Brittle Egg Shells

    So far, so good! We have now been in the dry season for more than two months and, notwithstanding rumours of both sides re-arming heavily during the last wet season, South Sudan has not erupted into the violent conflict some were predicting. It could still happen but already the people are starting to look towards the new wet season with a growing optimism. The rival factions in the ruling SPLM (Sudan People’s Liberation Movement) have met and signed ...

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Girl displaced by conflict in contested border region of Abyei

141. Problem or Opportunity

 One of the secrets of living well is to see all our problems as opportunities. I have often quoted Friedrich Nietzsche, to myself as well as to others: ‘That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” There are many events in life that can test us. It is how we turn problems into opportunities that make us stronger. Life for many is not easy. Another less well-known quote of Nietzche’s is: ‘To live is to suffer; to survive is to find some meaning ...

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140. Dubious Assumptions

Last week, I went to the Juba airport to catch a flight to Yambio for our student graduations. All appeared okay as I approached the check‐in counter. It proved to be a dubious assumption. ‘Oh, Yambio. Your flight is cancelled. There is a problem with the plane’. I missed the graduation. A few days earlier, I had attended the graduations of the Senior Four, Loreto students who were expecting to do their final exams next week (in relatively the same ...

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