Religious congregations together training teachers, nurses, midwives, local farmers and community leaders in the youngest country in the world

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    Solidarity in Malakal UN Camp: The Gathering

    It was a time of bringing people together of all different tribes, various United Nations organizations as well as cooperation among all Christian Churches that made the Christmas and New Year Celebrations memorable in the camp. The Catholic community just before Christmas built their own little Church made of plastic sheeting, wire, wood and some steel poles so as to have a place to pray and worship. It was the first time since the fighting in December 2013 that the ...

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Letters From South Sudan

Teacher training graduates 2015

145. Against the Odds

Peace has not come to South Sudan but neither has war escalated. There are some reports of fighting in remote areas and many people are still displaced from their homes but for the majority of the people, life goes on, albeit with customary hardship. Two days ago, the Minister of Defense was reported as follows: Kuol Manyang Juuk, a member of South Sudan’s ruling party and the Minister of Defense, says that the people are tired of war and there ...

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143. With Band-Aids and Rubber Bands

    The fragile peace continues to hold and peace talks are soon to begin again; but we seem no nearer to a permanent solution and a clear roadmap for moving forward in South Sudan. A recent report from The Sudd Research Institute provided this table of statistics. I presume ‘security’ covers the military. The Rule of Law also attracts a lot of funding but its results are not obvious. What a stark contrast with the amount being spent on ...

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What is my future?

144. Cry Out My People

The recent pastoral letter of the Catholic Bishops of South Sudan was a heartfelt cry to the leaders of this young nation: ‘The War Must Stop: We Will Finish Ourselves and Finish the Nation. South Sudan has always been considered a God-fearing nation, whether Christians, Muslims or followers of traditional religion. But in this senseless and inhuman war the nation has abandoned the ways of God. This war is evil. As a people we must not be afraid to name ...

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142. Brittle Egg Shells

    So far, so good! We have now been in the dry season for more than two months and, notwithstanding rumours of both sides re-arming heavily during the last wet season, South Sudan has not erupted into the violent conflict some were predicting. It could still happen but already the people are starting to look towards the new wet season with a growing optimism. The rival factions in the ruling SPLM (Sudan People’s Liberation Movement) have met and signed ...

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